Thursday, December 3, 2020

24 Days of LosMas- Christmas Apparition (2018)

I will be posting Christmas themed horror films over the next 24 days of LosMas, for the third night, I am listing the 2018 holiday thriller Christmas Apparition. 

Christmas Apparition (2018)

The holidays can be quite stressful for people, and having a personal tragedy can only make it worse to cope. Emma (Katie O Jones) is a college senior who has to find a place to stay over the Christmas holiday as her dormitory is closed due to maintenance. Due to her mother's troubles and inability to stay with a sibling, she takes a job from a woman she meets in a coffee shop who needs a baby sitter. The children she is charged with include a moody 17-year-old teen girl and her 15-year-old withdrawn brother. Chrissy (Maura Chappelle) is a talented pianist, and William (Matthew Chapelle) displays a talent with his sketches, but both children seem withdrawn and indifferent to Emma. The house is beautiful but devoid of holiday decorations and cold; Emma tries to make the best of the situation but soon finds that her inner demons may cause problems with her teenage charges as the holiday approaches. Colleen Griffen directed Christmas Apparition and is a repacked film initially titled "The Cold and the Quiet." Despite its title, there is very little to suggest this is a Christmas movie, but the lack of Christmas cheer plays into the plot that is more holiday drama than horror. 

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