Wednesday, September 9, 2020

They Worked on That?- 51 Days to Halloween

Francis Ford Coppola

Dementia 13

Francis Ford Coppola's first directorial project, yet working under producer Roger Croman, director Coppola was expected to make a cheap Psycho knockoff. Instead, he made a gothic thriller that, despite being rushed, was a sign of Coppola's potential. Coppola would go onto direct The Godfather 1 and 2 a few years later.

William Castle

Rosemary's Baby (Producer)

William Castle has a reputation for making inexpensive low budget movies that often used a gimmick to get people into the seats. William Castle was excited about the forthcoming book that the film was based on and convinced Paramount executive Robert Evans to purchase it. The studio agreed it was a great project but felt Castles' reputation for low budget schlock would make the film less appealing. Castle agreed to be the producer of the film and even had a cameo role. 

Mel Brooks

The Elephant Man (Producer)

Mel Brooks was shown the script for The Elephant Man by coproducer Jonathan Sanger who had worked with Brooks on High Anxiety. Brooks has his new company Brooksfilms work on the film, but Brooks decided to leave his name off the movie as not to confuse audiences into thinking it was one of his comedies. Director David Lynch was brought in due to a recommendation from Brooks's personal assistant Stuart Cornfeld. 

John Carpenter

Memoirs of an Invisible Man

Chevy Chase was given Memoirs and was very much interested in the concept as he wanted a project that was less comedy and more action. John Carpenter was brought on board after he had some projects fall through. Chase suggested the movie be made more like a Hitchcock thriller. Carpenter worked with screenwriters Robert Collector, ana Olsen, and Wiliam Goldman to add a love story and focus more on the loneliness of being invisible. 

George Romero

Tales From the Darkside

Although more known for his Living Dead movies, Geroge A Romero would creat this television anthology series that would include tales of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, often with a twist ending. Similar in concept to Creepshow, the show took a slightly different name from the EC comic-inspired comic book and kept Romero as Executive Producer.


Wes Craven

Music of the Heart

Known for making horror movies, Wes Craven seems like an unlikely director for the musical drama based on violinist Roberta Guaspari. Craven watched the 1995 documentary Small Wonders and was inspired to make a movie about Ms. Guaspari as a music teacher working in Harlem. The film would star Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, and Gloria Estefan.  

David Cronenberg

A History of Violence

This action crime thriller starred Viggo Mortensen and was directed by Canadian director David Cronenberg, best known for his body horror films. The film would win praise for the role violence tends to play in society and the conflict that may arise from someone who is no stranger to it but wishes to stray away.  

David Lynch

The Straight Story

David Lynch tends to direct movies that are cryptic and dark, but this 1999 road film is such a departure in so many ways. The film is based on the true-life story of Alvin Straight, who drove a riding lawn mower 240 miles to visit his ailing brother. The film was released by Walt Disney Pictures and won praise for David Lynch, whose films tend to be more cult art-house fare.  

20 Movies with Jeffrey Combs- 52 Days to Halloween


The Frighteners

The Black Cat

From Beyond

The Evil Clergyman

The Man with Two Brains

Bride of Re-Animator

The Pit and the Pendulum

Castle Freak


Beyond Re-Animator


Would You Rather

House on Haunted Hill

Doctor Mordrid

Suburban Gothic

Trancers II

Robot Jox


Cellar Dweller


Monday, September 7, 2020

Zombie Movies From Past Decade Part 2- 53 Days to Halloween

Cargo (2018)

After a worldwide virus has broken out, a father and his infant daughter join an aboriginal girl as they try to find others who can help them.

The Cured (2018)

A zombie outbreak that has infected much of Europe has been contained. Most of the infected have been cured, but they now face prejudice from their families and others who fear they may turn again. 

The Night Eats the World (2018)

A man who wakes up from a party learns a zombie outbreak is occurring, and he is trapped in a high rise apartment with no means of escape. He makes efforts to survive, but he longs for any sign of human company. 

Overlord (2018)

A squad of commandos parachutes into France in the hours before the D-Day Invasion to disrupt communications to discover that the castle they intend to attack has some horrific experiments. 

Ravenous (2018)

In a remote village in Quebec, an outbreak begins to turn people into zombies, with survivors seeking protection and learning that they may be on their own.

Blood Quantum (2019)

A small village of Canadian First Nation residents learns they are immune from people who bite them during a zombie outbreak. Months later, tensions arise from white survivors seeking help and protection in the community.

Little Monsters (2019)

A lazy musician accompanies his nephew on a school field trip after he falls for the beautiful elementary teacher. Their fun day is interrupted by escaped zombies from a nearby US research facility that threatened the children and adults. 

One Cut of the Dead (2019)

A film team making a low budget zombie movie find themselves in trouble when they encounter real zombies and a crazy director.

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

Since the first movie, the four zombie hunters face tension as one wishes to go off on her own, seeking refuge from the zombies in a community known as Babylon as newer, more dangerous zombies emerge.  

Zombie Movies From Past Decade Part 1- 54 Days to Halloween


Juan of the Dead (2011)

A lazy Cuban and his friend discover that people are turning into zombies, and they decide to do a business hunting the dead until they find they are overwhelmed by the ever-increasing herds of walking dead.

Warm Bodies  (2013)

A somewhat self-aware zombie begins to feel more human when he munches a living human's brain and feels affection for his recent meal's girlfriend. He soon bonds with her and protects her from the more dangerous boney zombie leaders. 

The Battery (2014)

During a zombie apocalypse, two baseball players survive despite a strained relationship and the desire to seek out a group of survivors they have communicated with recently.

Burying the Ex (2014)

Max is a horror-loving fanatic with a controlling girlfriend named Evelyn, who shows little interest in his hobbies. Intent on breaking up with her, Evelyn is killed in an accident but returns to harass him and his new love interest, Olivia.

Cooties (2014)

A substitute teacher and his colleagues have to band together when contaminated chicken nuggets turn the school children into vicious monsters. 

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)

After losing his girlfriend and his arm while being followed by the same band of Nazi zombies from the first film, Martin encounters a group of Americans and some dead allies to fight back.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Three high school teens and a strip club waitress team up to fight zombies after a rabies-like virus infect the locals and threatens a party that two of them were hoping to attend.

Train to Busan (2016)

A workaholic father taking his daughter to his ex-wife encounters a zombie apocalypse, forcing him to take charge after his daughter thinks he is a coward.

Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

A young high school girl who dreams of getting away from her small town and traveling the world wakes up one morning to learn a zombie outbreak threatens her friends and father. 

The Girl With All the Gifts (2017)

After an outbreak that has turned people into flesh-eating maniacs, a school teacher is put in charge of a group of infected children who may offer hope for a cure but are still dangerous. 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Pregnancy Related Horror Movies- 55 Days to Halloween

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

A young Mia Farrow plays a lovely homemaker who finds her hubby hanging around a spooky group awaiting her baby's arrival. Rosemary does a little research and is shocked to discover that her child is wanted for a dark purpose.

Demon Seed (1977)

The estranged wife of a gifted computer scientist finds herself being held prisoner by the artificial intelligence her husband built and soon tried to shutdown. The computer then reveals to her what it wants from her.

Beyond the  Door (1974)

A young woman is pregnant with a child possessed by the Devil who can move objects, levitate the mother, and make her head spin in this direct copycat of The Exorcist that also manages to rip off Rosemary's Baby.

The Brood (1979)

A doctor uses a bizarre mental treatment to encourage his patients to manifest their suppressed emotions. One patient uses this technique to birth dwarf-like figures who act on her rage.

The Seventh Sign (1988)

As the world's events suggest, the apocalypse is approaching; a pregnant woman fears that outside parties may be targeting her child to prevent the world's end.

Baby Blood (1990)

A young woman's unborn child becomes infected by a parasite that demands blood as it turns her fetus into a monster inside her womb.

The Unborn (1991)

An infertile woman and her husband participate in an experimental in-vitro fertilization program that proves successful, but there is a sinister plan for her unborn child. 

Blessed (2004)

An infertile young woman is given a chance to join a clinic that not only helps her conceive, but her husband also finds success with his novel. She soon learns that her unborn twins are part of a secret pact made with the clinic's owners.

Inside (2007)

A pregnant woman home alone during the Christmas holiday is stalked and pursued by a mysterious woman who intends to steal her unborn child. 

Grace (2009)

A pregnant woman loses her husband and unborn child in a car accident, but she decides to proceed with the pregnancy. Her child is born alive but shows some unnatural feeding needs.

The Clinic (2010)

A young woman on a trip awakens in a warehouse to find her unborn baby missing and is given a chance to have her baby back, but only after a sinister game is played with other kidnapped mothers. 

Delivery: The Beast Within (2013)

A young couple agrees to document their first pregnancy for a reality show, but the mother begins to suspect her child is possessed after production begins. 

Devils Due (2014)

After a drunken night in the Dominican Republic, a newlywed woman discovers she is pregnant and being stalked by a cult.  

Antibirth (2016)

A young drug-addicted woman finds that she is pregnant after she takes a strange drug; she soon discovers that her pregnancy isn't quite normal and that something unnatural may be inside her. 

Shelley (2016)

A young couple turns to their Romanian maid to help them carry their child, but the child develops too quickly, making them suspect that an evil spirit may be at work.

Prevenge (2017)

A pregnant woman reeling from her lover's death is compelled to commit murders by her unborn child who goads her into seeking revenge for her daddy's death. Alice Lowe, who wrote, directed, was also pregnant while making the movie.

Still/Born (2017)

A woman loses one of the twins she was carrying, and she fears that her living child may be at risk from a supernatural threat. 

Darlin' (2019)

The adopted teen daughter of a feral woman is left at a hospital and taken in by a church to foster. The staff learns that she is hiding something but reveals a far more shocking secret.