Thursday, January 5, 2023

M3GAN (2023)


M3GAN is a 2023 sci-fi horror movie directed by Gerard Johnstone and produced by Blumhouse. The film stars veteran horror actress Allison Williams, as well as Violet McGraw and Amie Donald. The many previews and viral videos pretty much set up the plot, showing a young girl being introduced to an intelligent robot prototype that becomes her best friend and protector after the death of her parents. However, her aunt Gemma is still determining if she is ready for this responsibility and relies on M3GAN to help with Cady. As Cady and M3GAN bond, a series of concerns will make Gemma reconsider whether M3GAN is ready to be released to the market.

While the film looks like an updated Chucky tale, M3GAN is far superior to any of the Childs Play movies with a much more complicated plot that plays into the issues of parental loss and technology run amuck. Violet is outstanding in her role as Cady, showcasing a range of talents that defies her young age. The real star, of course, is M3GAN, portrayed by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis. As a viewer, I had to remind myself that the robot was an actress, and her ability to mimic the android's moves and showcase some genuinely dynamic motion would help sell the idea that this is one scary little machine. While horror fans may complain about the PG-13 rating, this is still frightening and may not be suited for younger kids. The violence is primarily off-screen but may be too much for some. As a viewer, I was impressed by how the movie followed in the footsteps of well know killer robot movies such as Terminator and Robocop. Still, I would compare it to another recent Blumhouse movie, Upgrade. Despite the violence shown in the previews, the film has some funny moments, especially those involving M3GAN's other functions and the interaction with the young actress. While the possibility of a doll-like M3GAN may be within our grasp, this film does remind us that some technologies may be too dangerous, and we as a society may need to watch our steps as we step forward into a strange and dangerous new world.