Thursday, July 4, 2019

Fourth of July Terror

Jaws (1975) is the first Summer Blockbuster movie, and the events of the films occur during a small town July 4th celebrations threatened by a man-eating shark.

Cape Fear (1991) is a psychological thriller that has Robert DeNiro playing a man named Max Cady imprisoned for a violent crime seeking revenge against the public defender he blames for burying crucial evidence. After release, he stalks the family, most notably during the July 4th holiday.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) is a slasher movie about a group of teens who have an accident on the July 4th holiday and hide the evidence only to find someone stalking them in fisherman attire.

The Bay (2012) is a Found Footage Eco-Horror film directed by Barry Levinson that covers a July 4th disaster that strikes a small Maryland town due to contaminated water and parasites.

Uncle Sam (1996) is a horror comedy about a reanimated dead soldier who is returned home and begins killing people in his town on July 4th dressed as Uncle Sam.

Return of the Living Dead (1985) is a horror movie that has a zombie outbreak occurs after a lost military drum unleashes a deadly gas that animates the dead during the July 4th holiday

Silver Bullet (1985) is an adaption of the Stephen King novel Cycle of the Werewolf with a young boy who uses a wheelchair learning his town has a werewolf after surviving an attack on July 4th.

The Shining (1980) is a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick that takes place in a hotel that is shut down over the winter and a man who is haunted by something evil in the hotel. A significant clue dated July 4th will reveal an important revelation. 

Blow Out (1981) is a Brian De Palma thriller with a sound engineer recording a deadly car accident and becoming part of a conspiracy that includes a chase during a July 4th parade.

Frogs (1972) is an early eco-horror film that has various animal species attacking members of a wealthy Southern family on their plantation home during the July 4th holiday.

It (2017) is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel by the same name concerning a group of teens banding together to fight an evil monster named Pennywise that can change shapes and use your fears against you. The towns July 4th celebration factors into a critical scene for the group.

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