Wednesday, November 23, 2022

More Thanksgiving Related Horror

The Last Thanksgiving (2020)

A group of unhappy diner employees working on Thanksgiving become the prisoners of a cult of Cannibal Pilgrims who intend to make them part of their annual feast. 

Derelicts (2017)

A band of violent and mentally ill vagrants invades the home of a dysfunctional family, looking to feast and entertain themselves by torturing the family and others who stop by. 

The Ghost Note (2017)

An outcast Wiccan teen forced to stay with her grandmother while her parents travel during the Thanksgiving holiday learns some dark secrets involving a dead blues musician who was a devil worshiper and her deceased grandfather. 

Grandma Werewolf (2017)

A dysfunctional family spends time with their recently widowed grandmother during the Thanksgiving holiday only to learn of the dark legacy that they are called to fulfill. 

ThanksKilling 3 (2012)

Turkie unleashes his vengeance after learning that ThanksKilling 2 will not be released, and all copies are destroyed. When a lone DVD copy is found, he seeks out the puppet owner, hoping to get revenge on those who crossed him. 

Amityville Thanksgiving (2022)

A shady marriage therapist lures troubled couples to a cabin in Amityville, where they seem to disappear and are never heard from again. Despite the title, it has little to do with Amityville and Thanksgiving. 

Black Friday (2021)

A group of store employees, unhappy to have to work Black Friday, find the crazy horde of shoppers are infected by an alien parasite looking to murder anyone in their path. 

Grandma Werewolf (2017)