Friday, December 16, 2016

Mondo Movie page been uploaded, what is a Mondo Movie you say? It's a crazy pseudo-documentary that showcased bizarre and odd rituals ranging from African tribes to Cold War propaganda films. Check it out!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bad Movies page posted,  I will format it to multiple pages later but for now enjoy some cheese.
Found this review of my old site from 2000 on the Entertainment Weekly Website. It's like a major award. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I did a google search on my old website and found this great review and how much it inspired the proprietors to seek out many of the weird and wild films I mentioned. This is one of the reasons I want to bring my website back as it gives me renewed enthusiasm. I will post more of these as I find them and I will have more content up shortly.

The Jaded Viewer

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Rebuilding a website from scratch isn’t easy, but I have enjoyed the fun of relearning HTML, JAVA, and CSS. In its heyday, my site was fairly popular with horror hounds and gore lovers who were looking for that unique film or obscure title beyond the Jason, Freddy or Halloween sequel. Finishing the site will take time, but it will get completed. While that is going on, I plan on posting updates on this Blog. The first major update is the announcement that my Faces of Death page is nearly complete and posted. The titles include 5 Faces of Death films, 2 Traces of Death and a handful of other similar titles. So enjoy and post comments to help improve the site. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Descent (2006)
Six women go cave exploring and find their journey beneath stalled when a cave-in traps them. The trouble worsens when they learn that not only are they in an unexplored cave but there may something else to fear.  Neil Marshall wrote and directed this intense and tension-filled thriller that terrified its audience with its claustrophobic setting and dynamic mostly female cast.

Faces of Death - (1979)
Faces of Death, the most infamous of all Mondo Movies and with no doubt the most vicious exploitation title ever filmed. This pseudo-documentary features the aptly titled Dr. Frances B. Gross, as he studies death and how fragile life can be. Before I proceed, I must sadly inform you all that this movie is fake. Most of the scenes are staged recreations of death scenes and in many cases are very badly staged. Even knowing its dubiousness the overall style and makeup of the film is one of disgust and pure exploitation. The movie is like watching a sick video slideshow that draws you in and sucker punches you along the way. We travel to Mexico to view catacombs containing mummified corpses that are real and fairly interesting. Video of slaughterhouses is shown as animals are killed and prepared for your grocery stores. The images are graphic and genuine as well as unsettling for those not used to seeing how the sausage is made.

A trip to a restaurant presents one of the most infamous moments in the film as patrons are seated and allowed to hit a small monkey with a mallet.  This scene is quite vile and even knowing it is fake it still makes one cringe in disgust. The brains are eaten by the group and the look on the patron's face's shows they are not quite happy with their meal. The films also feature video of people being attacked by wild animals. A couple makes the mistake of feeding a bear only to face the grim aftermath of such a stupid activity. A staple of Faces of Death films is the stock footage of accidents and disasters mixed with staged events that are meant to horrify and give the film its dubious reputation. Banned in over 43 countries, but like many similar films the ban is more of marketing ploy. Produced in Japan, the film in all its entirety is widely available in this country and can be purchased by mail order on Amazon or eBay or watched on any number of streaming services. You will more than likely not find it on Netflix, but a little searching and a stop at an independent video store may yield you good results. There are as of this writing five sequels and a Worst of Faces of Death.
Image Courtesy Gorgon-Video

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