Saturday, October 6, 2018

Notable Horror Movie Weapons

Here is a collection of some of the more notable weapons used in horror films. I have decided to not include kitchen knives as they are too commonly used in slashers. 

Jason's Machete 

The weapon of choice by Jason Voorhees, the machete is sharp and versatile when he needs to chop, stab or slash his victims who often tend to be horny teen counselors who do not pay attention to campfire legends. The machete is also used by the eponymous hero Machete. 

Ash's Boomstick and Chainsaw Hand

Ash is the hero of the Evil Dead series and when he is facing off against the evil deadites he employs his trusty double barrel shotgun he refers to as his boomstick, he also fashions a chainsaw with a mount for his severed stump. Together these two weapons make Ash one hell of a formidable deadite fighter.

Leatherface Chainsaw

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gained its notorious reputation with its villain called Leatherface who carried a chainsaw that he used with vicious deadly effect. The chainsaw would also be used in the films Motel Hell, Evil Dead, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Tokyo Gore Police, Pieces and Dead Snow

Freddy's Finger Gloves

One of the most infamous weapons used by a slasher, Freddy Krueger fashioned his distinctive weapon from sheet metal, pipes, fishing knives, rivets and a leather glove in his boiler room. There are slight differences in the gloves used in the various movies as the first glove disappeared from the set of the second movie.

Mandy- Battle Ax

Red Miller is a lumberjack who's girlfriend Mandy is kidnapped by a cult and a supernatural demon biker gang. To fight them he retrieves a crossbow from a friend and forges a wicked battle ax to hunt down the bikers.

Phantasm- Sentinels

The Sentinels are flying silver spheres that are controlled by the villain known as the Tall Man in Phantasm. The Sentinels are shown to contain various weapons that include blades, drills, saws, and lasers that are used to kill unsuspecting victims. The spheres are shown to contain the brain of dead bodies collected by the Tall Man. 

Hellraiser- Chains and Hooks

The Lead Cenobite often referred to as Pinhead is able to make use of chains with hooks attached to snare his victims, torture and violently kill them. He is seemingly able to summon the hooked chains using his will and often takes pleasure seeing his victims respond in agonizing pain.

Candyman- Hooked Hand

Popular urban legends often speak of a villain who uses a hook to kill his targets, in the film Candyman the eponymous villain is missing his right hand and has a bloody hook that he uses to kill those who foolishly summon him.

Grindhouse- Leg Machine Gun

Cherry Darling is a former stripper who loses her leg during a zombie outbreak and has her leg replaced with an M-4 carbine rifle complete with a grenade launcher that she is able to use to kill zombies and soldiers who mean her harm. The weapon is absurd but works well for a movie that is an homage to grindhouse exploitation movies.

Prom Night- Glass Shard Knife

Kim Hammond's dream of the perfect prom is shattered when a masked killer begins to murder her friends as the prom approaches. The main weapon used was a glass shard that was removed from a broken bathroom mirror. The killer uses the makeshift blade along with an ax to murder a number of prom-goers. 

Slumber Party Massacre 2- Power Drill Guitar

The Driller Killer is the antagonist in Slumber Party Massacre 2 and appears as a "greaser rocker" with an electric guitar containing a massive drill. As he plays music and speaks in musical puns he targets the group of victims in the house and uses the drill to kill them.

Braindead- Lawnmower

A New Zealand man and his girlfriend face off against a horde of crazed zombies that are the result of his mother being bitten by a rat monkey. As the infection spreads and more people get turned, Lionel uses all sorts of weapons to fight back with the lawnmower being the most effective and bloody way to kill the masses of undead.

Teeth- Vagina Dentata

Vagina Dentata is a folktale legend that describes a woman's vagina containing a set of teeth that can be used is injure or castrate a male. In the movie Teeth, Dawn O'Keefe is a teen girl who discovers she has a set of teeth inside her vagina that respond when she is assaulted sexually. At first, she is terrified to learn of this condition but then embraces it when she realizes how empowering it will make her.

The Omen- Daggers of Megiddo

The Daggers of Megiddo are seven holy knives that are the only weapon that can kill the antichrist in The Omen Series of movies. Damien Thorn is aware of the threat and uses his evil powers to kill those who wield them and to bury the knives away from others who may take their place. The knives are often found and eventually, Damien will be defeated.

Exorcist III- Head Chopper Instrument

In one of the most famous shock moments, a psych ward nurse in a red sweater is doing her rounds. After leaving one room she is attacked from behind by a cloaked figure carrying a large spring-loaded blade that is used to decapitate her, the scene is not shown but a headless statue is shown to imply the chilling event.

My Bloody Valentine- Pickaxe

In My Bloody Valentine, Harry Warden was a survivor of a mine explosion that trapped a group of miners yet he was the only one to emerge alive when used his pickaxe to kill his fellow survivors. Having the strength to wield a pickaxe all day would enable him to kill his victims with ease. The pickaxe also came in handy smashing lights and knocking out a victim if you did not wish to kill them yet.

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