Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cursed Objects in Horror Films

Here is a collection of cursed objects found in some recent horror movies. 

Monkeys Paw 

English author WW Jacobs's story "The Monkey's Paw" is a popular story that has been adapted in plays, movies, tv shows, and other media. The story concerns a family this given a mummified monkeys paw that can grant three wishes. Yet each wish comes with a terrible price.

Amulet of Pazuzu- The Exorcist (1973)

Assyrian and Babylonian mythology descrives Pazuzu as the king of the demons of the wind. Father Merrin encounters the Amulet of Pazuzu in an Iraqi museum and the later challenges a demon with the same name that will infect a young girl named Regan.

Zuni Fetish Doll- Trilogy of Terror (1975)

The Zuni Fetish doll shown in Trilogy of Terror is infected by an African demon and a gold chain to prevent the doll from coming to life. Yet the young woman who receives the doll is attacked and stalked when the chain falls off and is not too easy to defeat.

Gold Cross from The Fog (1980)

The town of Antonio Bay was founded with gold stolen from a leper colony that was allowed to crash into the rocks, a golden cross was made and hidden in the towns church. A hundred years later a mysterious fog rolls in and within are spirits of the deceased looking to get revenge and reclaim their gold.

Book of the Dead- The Evil Dead (1981)

A group of college students travel to an isolated cabin in the woods and find an old book that appears to be a Sumerian version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and an audio tape from the archeologist who translated it. This unleashes evil spirits that possess some of the guests and leave the rest to fight off the angry spirits.

TV Set- Poltergeist (1982)

The Freeling family discover that a series of ghosts are infecting their home, the youngest daughter is aware of their presence and watches a TV showing static. She then announces "They're Here" to signal that bad things are in store, she will also be kidnapped by the ghosts and can be heard on the TV.

1958 Plymouth Fury- Christine (1983)

Arnie is a shy nerd who finds confidence when he restores a 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. Yet the vehicle has a life of its own and seeks revenge on those who threaten Arnie. The car also affects Arnie negatively as his personality is very different from earlier in the film.

The Lemarchard Box- Hellraiser (1987) 

The Lemarchard Box is a lock puzzle that appears in stories by Clive Barker, the best known is the Lament Configuration. The puzzle box is used as a key to the dimension that the Cenobites exist in and often leads to a torturous death to anyone who opens the box without preparing for what exists on the other side. 

Laundry Press- Mangler (1995)

An old laundry press named the Mangler is the central figure in this movie based on the story by Stephen King. An employee spills some blood after she cut herself and the machine seems to come to life when the blood touches it. The Mangler then begins to kill those who get too close to it. 

Video Tape- The Ring (2002)

After the mysterious death of her niece, a reporter discovers she has watched a video a week prior and seeks out the tape to learn more. She then finds the video store and tape and unwittingly gives herself the curse when she watches it.

Cursed Button- Drag Me to Hell (2009)

A gypsy lady takes a button off the jacket of a loan officer and gives her a curse after she failed to assist her with her home loan. She learns from a fortune teller that the curse can't be stopped, it can only be passed on to someone else. 

Dybbuk Box- The Possession (2012)

A young girl finds a curious looking box with Hebrew letters and opens it after hearing voices. An evil demon called a dybbuk is released and makes the girl more hostile to others and while slowly trying to possess her. Her father turns to religious experts to find answers on how to stop the demon.

Antique Mirror- Oculus (2013)

A brother and sister reunite after years of separation with the sister trying to prove that a mirror bought by her deceased father led to the death of him as well as their mother. The mirror is not so easy to destroy and is evil enough to fight back.

Cursed Doll- Annabelle (2014)

Annabelle is a vintage porcelain doll that seems to be cursed with the spirit of a demon that was summoned by a devil worshiping cult. When the new owners try to rid themselves of the doll they learn just how deadly it can be.

Haunted Video Game- Beyond the Gates (2016)

A pair of brothers go through their missing father's collection of videos and find a VCR game called Beyond the Gates, when they play the game they learn that a mysterious beautiful lady on the screen gives them instructions that they need to follow and that they need to finish the game no matter what dangers are unleashed.

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