Monday, October 8, 2018

Horror Movie Cars and Trucks

Here are a collection of cars and trucks that have appeared in horror movies and thrillers since the early 1970's.

Duel (1971)
1955 Peterbilt 251 Big Rig

A salesman encounters an old oil tanker that drives in a menacing manner and then turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse as he has to find the courage to face off against the unknown driver of the big rig. 

The Cars That Ate Paris  (1974)
Volkswagon Beetle Porcupine 

A remote Australian town poses a danger to outsiders as some the resident's stage accidents to steal the vehicles and turn the survivors over for sinister purposes. The vehicles driven by the local street pirates are modified cars with the most distinctive being a Volkswagen beetle decked out with metal spikes.

The Car (1977)
Modified 1971 Lincoln Continental Mk III

A mysterious black car terrorizes a small town leaving the sheriff with few options on how to stop it. The distinctive looking car was built by Hollywood car customizer George Barris using a 1971 Lincoln Continental Mk III

Phantasm (1979)
1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda 

Friends Jody and Reggie are determined to stop the Tall Man and his minions from stealing the souls of the dead in a number of small towns. The pair chase down the Tall Man in Jody's Plymouth Hemi Cuda that is an important part of the tools they acquire to fight back.

The Hearse (1980)
1951 Packard Funeral Coach

After inheriting a house from her deceased aunt, a young woman learns about her aunt's dark secrets as well as finding a mysterious old hearse that makes it difficult for her to flee. The distinctive looking hearse was a 1951 Pachard Funeral Coach. 

Evil Dead (1981)
1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Ash drives a 1973 Olds Delta 88 and the vehicle is seen in all of the movies in some capacity with it being heavily modified for Army of Darkness. The vehicle also finds its way in the recent followup film.

Christine (1983)
1958 Plymouth Fury

High School nerd Arnie Cunningham finds confidence and an unhealthy obsession with the car he finds and restores. He names her Christine and the car seeks revenge on those who threaten Arnie and itself, even Arnie's friends.

Maximum Overdrive (1986)
Western Star 4800 with Happy Toyz Trailer 

Stephen King directed this movie based on the short story Trucks that have vehicles and machines attacking people and threatening a group of people at a truck stop diner. Of the many vehicles shown the most distinctive was a black big rig with a green goblin mask on its grille that becomes the leader of the army of vehicles.

The Wraith (1986)
Dodge M4S Turbo

A group of road pirates who steal cars by racing for pink slips finds themselves being targeted by a black-clad figure in a futuristic looking Dodge concept car. The vehicle is fast as well as indestructible as the mysterious driver seems to be seeking revenge for crimes committed by the gang of thieves.

Wheels of Terror (1990) 
Modified 1974 Dodge Charger

An unseen driver in a Dodge Charger kidnaps young girls to sexually assault or kill in a fictional Arizona town. A school bus driver who recently moved from Los Angeles sees her daughter kidnapped and pursues the car despite having kids in her bus. 

Sometimes They Come Back (1991)
1955 Chevy 210

Returning to his hometown, a teacher is haunted by the memories of a group of teens who killed his brother and died in a train wreck shortly after. They seem to be coming back in his classroom no older than the day they died and they want revenge.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)
1941 Chevy Cab Over Engine Van

A pair of siblings coming home for spring break run afoul of a beat up rusty van that easily overtakes them, they later see the same van parked at an abandoned church with a mysterious figure removing what looks like bloody bodies.

Highwaymen (2004)
1968 Plymouth Baracuda & 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado

A serial killer who murders people with his Cadillac is injured by a victims husband who vows to stop him for good after he gets out of prison and learning the crippled serial killer has made his car even more deadly.

Death Proof (2007)
1971 Chevy Nova & 1969 Dodge Charger

Stuntman Mike uses a modified Chevy Nova to take women on deadly car rides that allow him to walk away but his passenger dead. He then uses a Dodge Charger to face off against a group of tough ladies who are trying to stop him from his murderous hobby. 

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