Thursday, October 18, 2018

10 Horror Movies Directed by Woman I Recently Watched

Here are some of the great indie horror films I have watched this year that were directed by women and serve as a reminder to studios that women are just as capable of directing horror films as men. 

Prevenge (2017)
Dir- Alice Lowe

A pregnant woman reeling from the death of her lover is compelled to commit murders by her unborn child who goads her into seeking revenge for her daddy's death. As if being a single mom wasn't already tough enough in this wicked black comedy by Alice Lowe who wrote, directed and stars in this movie while she was seven months pregnant.

The Devils Doorway (2018)
Dir- Aislinn Clarke

Irish director Aislinn Clarke's film "The Devil's Doorway" uses a Magdalene Laundry as the backdrop for this found footage movie that focuses on a pair of priests who are sent to investigate a reported miracle. Once inside the Laundry, the priests are met with hostility from the Mother Superior and appalled by the conditions the young women are subjected to in their custody. The real terror emerges when the younger priest begins to hear voices of children in a place that has no children and witnesses some unexplained events.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
Dir- Ana Lily Amirpour

Described as a vampire western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is pretty unconventional for a vampire movie as Director Ana Lily Amirpour blends a beautiful tale of female empowerment in a society where women have no freedom and are often victimized. Iranian-American actress Sheila Vand plays the unnamed vampire quite impressively despite little dialogue, her fearless spirit and desire to seek some justice show that even though she is a predator she has some humanity left in her as she punishes those who hurt women.

American Mary (2012)
Dir- Jen and Sylvia Soska

A medical student who finds herself in financial distress take a job in a strip club where she uses her surgical skills to perform surgeries that are unethical and possibly illegal. Her reputation soon draws more clients and even more extreme procedures like body modification. Her attempt to get back into the normal world of a medical residency is hampered when she is drugged and raped by a former teacher, and she then decides to use her skills to seek revenge.

Tales of Halloween (2015) [Grim Grinning Ghost Segment]
Dir- Axelle Carolyn

A woman leaves her mothers home after heating a ghost story to find her journey home filled with strange occurrences. She suspects she is being followed and it may be the ghostly figure from her mother's story.

XX (2017)
Dir- Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, and Karyn Kusama

Four stories are presented in this anthology horror film directed by four women; the directors include Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, and Karyn Kusama. The stories include a man with a mysterious box who leaves a mother curious about its contents. A married woman planning a birthday party for her daughter finds her husband has an unfortunate event. Four friends on a desert trip find mysterious cave drawings that then result in the appearance of an evil creature. The final story is about a mother whose teenage son is about to learn a dark secret about himself.

Raw (2016)
Dir- Julia Ducournau

A veterinarian student who is a vegetarian develops a strange hunger for raw meat when she is forced to consume meat during a hazing incident. From there she develops a craving for raw flesh that soon has her seeking out more exotic fare to include human flesh.

The Invitation (2015)
Dir- Karyn Kusama

A man takes his girlfriend to meet his ex-wife after being invited over to a dinner party. Once there he is reminded of some personal tragedies that occurred and finds even more unsettling information that makes him suspicious of the intentions of his ex-wife

Revenge (2017)
Dir- Coralie Fargeat 

Jen (Matilda Lutz) is spending a romantic weekend with her wealthy boyfriend until two of his friends show up for an unannounced hunting trip. Jen is creeped out by their leering glances and when she refuses the advances of one of the friends her world is abruptly shaken as she is assaulted sexually and left for dead after her boyfriend shows his true colors of indifference toward her. Her will to survive pushes her to seek out her justice as she uses her skills and wits to survive in the punishing heat of the desert that she is left alone to die.

Southbound (2015) [Siren Segment]
Dir- Roxanne Benjamin

A trio of female musicians find themselves stranded in the desert after their tire goes flat, a friendly couple offers to assist and invites them into their home. Once inside they are served a meal that the vegetarian in their group declines. She then sees her friends disappear with the couple involved in some possible cult behavior.

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