Wednesday, October 10, 2018

20 Horror Movies About Cults

Here are 20 movies that involve cult activities or feature individuals who were strong enough to led others in activities that would be considered cult like.

Borderland- (2007)

College students travel to Mexico for a week of drinking and partying but one of the friends is kidnapped but what first appear to be drug smugglers but instead turn out to be a satanic cult looking for a sacrificial victim.

Children of the Corn- (1984)

A couple traveling through Nebraska find their way into the town of Gatlin and discover that it is run by children who have killed all the adults and adhere to a strict and misguided view of the Bible.

The Void- (2016)

A police officer finds an injured man on a lonely stretch of road and takes him to the local hospital that is thinly staffed. Once there he and the staff find themselves surrounded by mysterious figures in hooded robes who are there for some secret ritual.

Starry Eyes- (2014)

Starry Eyes is an unsettling look into the struggle of a young actress looking to make it big. Alex Essoe gives a "hell" of a performance in a role that crosses into body horror while keeping itself firmly in the realm of occult practices.

The Sacrament- (2013)

A news team travel abroad after a reporter learns his sister has joined a cult, once they arrive they at first receive hospitality and are encouraged to speak to Father. However, it is soon apparent that Father does not intend for them or anyone to leave alive.

The Believers- (1987)

A police psychiatrist investigates the murders of two youths who have been found dead as a result of suspected cult activity. He then looks into the actions of an alleged voodoo cult and once inside is being influenced to sacrifice someone close to him. 

VHS 2- (2013)

In the segment Safe Haven, a news crew visits an Indonesian cult in the hopes of getting an exclusive interview with their leader. When the interview does happen a bell rings, and all hell breaks loose as a mass suicide occurs unleashing an even more shocking event that will put all of their lives at risk.

Red State- (2011)

A group of teens who respond to an invitation for a sexual encounter are kidnapped by a cult and told they would be sacrificed for their lustful intent. Meanwhile, police learn of their actions and prepare for the worse not fully aware just how far this cult will go.

The Babysitter- (2017)

A bullied young boy enjoys the company of his beautiful young babysitter yet is surprised to learn that she is part of a group of teens who are into some cultish activities.

The Sect- (1991)

A school teacher nearly runs over an old man, and she then takes him into her home not realizing that the whole incident was staged by a Satanic Cult looking to have her as a permanent part of their group.

Faults- (2014)

A man who professionally deprograms cult members is hired by the concerned parents of a young woman who they fear is part of a cult. He had her kidnapped and taken to a safe room so he can begin his job yet something about this assignment does not seem right.

The Invitation- (2015)

A man takes his girlfriend to meet his ex-wife after being invited over to a dinner party. Once there he is reminded of some personal tragedies that occurred and finds even more unsettling information that makes him suspicious of the intentions of his ex-wife

The Seventh Victim- (1943)

A woman travels to New York City to try and find her sister who has disappeared. She meets her brother in law and a psychiatrist who claim they may know of her whereabouts yet she faces danger from a satanic cult looking to keep their activities secret.

Witchfinder General- (1968)

 As the Royal witch hunter, Matthew Hopkins knows what he is doing is wrong but feels his evil and greed is serving a higher purpose. In his mad quest, Hopkins commits acts of murder with no resistance, yet he soon finds himself pursued by a soldier who is brave enough to stand up to his evil deeds.

The Devil Rides Out- (1968)

The Duc de Richelieu faces off against a Satanist named Mocata over the soul of a friend. Mocata can summon the powers of evil and darkness with his vast knowledge of the occult.  The Duc de Richelieu and his friends face a greater evil as Mocata awaits the arrival of the Angel of Death

Black Sunday- (1960)

A witch who was executed 100 years prior is accidentally released when the cross left on her grave is broken. The royal descendant of the witch now faces danger as the witch seeks her body so she can live again and practice her evil arts.

Suspiria- (1977)

An American dance student travels to Europe to attend an exclusive dance academy, yet her arrival follows some mysterious deaths of former students. As she learns more about the Academy's darker side, she begins to suspect that a darker evil is present inside the walls of the old building.

The Endless- (2017)

Years after escaping a supposed suicide cult two brothers get a message to return to the group where they find the people are happy and prosperous. Despite what they see the brothers suspect something is not right as strange events begin to unfold.

Night of the Demon- (1957)

A psychologist who is skeptical of the supernatural finds himself in real trouble when he is marked for death by a black magician and to die at the hands of a hideous monster

The Wicker Man- (1973)

A devoutly religious Policeman travels to a remote Scottish village to search for a missing girl. Once he arrives, he is appalled by the pagan activities the locals engage in and their lack of concern for the girl. As May Day approaches, the villagers will make sure the Policeman takes part in their most revered tradition.

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