Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Best Horror Movies set on Holidays

With so many horror movies based on holidays, I have compiled a list of holiday-themed horror movies and the better choices to watch instead of the obvious. Here is a collection of films to watch on the major holidays and events of the year.

New Years Day

Instead of New Years Evil 

Terror Train

Terror Train sets the events onboard a train during a frat party celebrating the New Year. The group of young men and women find that their friends are dying and the mystery of who is responsible is made all the more difficult as each of them is in costume.

Marti Gras

Instead of Marti Gras Massacre


The first movie of Adam Green's throwback slasher has some Marti Gras partiers wander off Bourbon St looking for a haunted swamp tour. Their adventure is cut short when an accident strands them in the swamp, and they encounter the seemingly invincible murder machine known as Victor Crowley.

Valentines Day

Instead of My Bloody Valentine

Picnic at Hanging Rock

In 1900, a Valentines Day picnic for an Australian girl’s school turns into tragedy after a teacher and three students disappeared while exploring a nearby rock formation. The disappearance will cause tension in the school and raise more questions when one girl is found yet can’t explain her experience.

St Patricks Day

Instead of Leprechaun

Maniac Cop

A police officer returns from the dead and seemingly kills innocent people as he seeks revenge on the people who wronged him. The murders are blamed on another police officer who wishes to clear his name as bodies start to pile up. The events leading up to the annual St Patricks Day Parade will either clear his name or make him yet another victim.

April Fools Day

Instead of April Fools Day 

Slaughter High

A high school nerd is humiliated by a group of students who then take it further by playing another cruel April Fools prank that results in him being burned and scarred by acid. Ten years later these same students are invited back for a class reunion only to face a masked killer who takes them out one at a time.


Instead of Easter Bunny, Kill Kill

Dead Snow

A group of students on Easter holiday encounter an army of Nazi zombies in the mountains of Norway and fight to escape. Combing zombies and Nazi’s may not be original, but this film mixes bloody terror with a fair amount of campy humor to deliver an exciting and unique play on the zombie theme. Followed by a sequel that would amp up the camp along with the gore.

Prom Night

Instead of Prom Night

The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones is an Australian horror revenge film that mixes a little bit of Misery with Prom Night in this 2009 import. The movie is quite graphic and does qualify as torture porn yet the director does an effective job hiding the most brutal of events while still giving the viewer enough to make you cringe.

Graduation Day

Instead of Graduation Day

The Prowler

A small town hosting a graduation party for its college students is met with extreme violence at the hands of a killer dressed in World War 2 army fatigues and mask. In many ways, this film shares some plot points with My Bloody Valentine and does feature the special effects skills of Tom Savini. What makes The Prowler stand out was the cast of likable characters, creative murders that are shown in with great detail and plenty of mystery to keep you guessing until the end.

Mothers Day

Instead of Mothers Day

The Girl Next Door

Although not the mother of Meg and Susan Loughlin, Mrs. Chandler is their aunt and takes them in after the two girls lose their parents in an auto accident. Meg soon becomes the target of her Aunt's abuse and is treated horribly by her along with her sister. Often being accused of being a prostitute and slut, Meg is tied up in the basement and forced to endure torture and sexual abuse, first from her aunt then by her cousins and some neighborhood kids.

Fathers Day

Instead of The Stepfather


An FBI agent interviews a man who claims to be the brother of a serial killer, he then talks about his childhood as shown in flashback. Their father told him and his brother he was visited by an angel and was tasked to kill demons that live around them. After witnessing his father killing someone, he begins to question his father's sanity.

Fourth of July

Instead of Uncle Sam

Return of the Living Dead

On July 3rd a pair of warehouse workers accidentally opens a sealed oil drum containing a reanimated corpse. Their attempts to destroy the evidence make matters worse as the burned remains get carried into the clouds, and a rainstorm unleashes an army of the living dead. This homage to Night of the Living Dead has become as classic with its comedic tone, soundtrack, and great special effects.


Instead of Halloween

Trick R Treat

This Halloween anthology follows a mysterious boy named Sam who dressed in a costume made from orange pajamas and a burlap sack appears in a series of connected stories. The four tales involve locals who are celebrating Halloween in a small town and Sam makes an appearance when the traditions of Halloween are not being respected.


Instead of Thankskilling

Thanksgiving (Eli Roth)

A gory movie preview that was shown during the movie Grindhouse features a mysterious killer who is targeting people who are celebrating Thanksgiving in Plymouth Massachusetts. Would have made a great holiday horror film if it was real.


Instead of Silent Night, Deadly Night

Black Christmas

As the Christmas holidays approach a group of sorority girls begins receiving menacing phone calls from an unknown assailant who stalks them and murders them one at a time by an unknown reason. To make matters worse he may be hiding closer than they suspect.

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