Wednesday, December 12, 2018

24 Days of HorrorXmas- Mercy Christmas (2017)

I will be posting Christmas themed horror films over the next 24 days, for the twelfth night I am listing the 2017 horror thriller Mercy Christmas.

Mercy Christmas (2017)
Dir- Ryan Nelson

It is common for Christmas movies to have a big dinner to celebrate the holiday and in the 2017 dark comedy Mercy Christmas you are invited to dinner with the Robillard family and may become the main course. Michael Briskett (Steven Hubbell) is an office drone who meets a beautiful woman (Casey O'Keefe ) and is invited to join her family for Christmas dinner. Once there he learns that she is related to his Scrooge-like boss (Cole Gleason ) and the once seemingly pleasant family has made plans for him he may not have anticipated. Once he discovers the truth, it may be too late for him to escape the big family holiday feast. Movies about cannibalism can be handled seriously or as dark comedies; Mercy Christmas is a horror comedy that tackles the subject of cannibalism in a surreal way yet still keeps a sense of normalcy as the protagonist attempts to escape and fight back. The Robillard family are portrayed as perfectly normal and despite their unique culinary tastes are no different from any regular family. Mercy Christmas makes effective use of practical makeup effects and the gory moments are not to bad given the low budget look of the movie. Finally, the cast of actors plays their parts effectively with Steven Hubbell, Casey O'Keefe and Cole Gleason standing out.

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