Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Gothic Harvest (2019)

Gothic Harvest (2019)

Dir- Ashley Hamilton

Mardi Gras horror is a sparse genre, with Hatchet being the only significant movie worth checking out, so it is welcoming to find another movie set in New Orleans. Four women partying meet a handsome gentleman who invites one of the ladies to dine with his family in their Southern Plantation. When her friends notice her absence, they find a local voodoo expert who is happy to help and explains that their friend's life is in danger. Gothic Harvest is a movie that plays off the stardom of horror superstars Bill Moseley and Lin Shaye. Still, it follows in the footsteps of films like Spider Baby and Texas Chainsaw as families avoid having dinner. Gothic Harvest is a confusing movie in that it seems to be a vampire movie without vampires and instead plays off underutilized voodoo tropes. The acting is decent, but the film seems to be a mess of random horror tropes instead of just playing on the voodoo lore and crazy family aspect. 

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