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31 Days of Horror Lists by the Losman- Best Movie Vampires Besides Dracula

For the month of October I will put out a list of Top 10’s on a number of subjects each day, this should be fun as I would enjoy feedback and discussion on my list and will welcome feedback on how to improve the list as I plan on featuring them on my website.

Top 10 Movie Vampires Besides Dracula

Count Orlok- Nosferatu (1922)

The first onscreen appearance of a vampire was 1922's Nosferatu with Max Schreck's portrayal being notable as it would not reflect the romantic vision that Bela Lugosi established. This vampire was hideous and almost rat-like in appearance in a film was almost lost due to lawsuits with the Stoker family. Nosferatu would be remade in 1979 with Klaus Kinski reprising the role. 

Lestat de Lioncourt- Interview With A Vampire (1994)

Anne Rice's Lestat is an aristocratic vampire who dresses in the finest clothes and enjoys performing in front of audiences on stage or as a musician in a modern rock band. As a vampire, Lestat can read minds, heal rapidly and has superhuman strength. Despite his nature and need for blood, he does show some altruistic tendencies toward his former family, vampire charges, and stage colleagues. Lestat is far from the monster you would think he could be and as portrayed by Rice a surprisingly complex and troubled vampire. Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend would both appear as Lestat with Townsend appearing in Queen of the Damned (2002).

David- The Lost Boys (1987)

The supposed leader of a pack of juvenile vampires who operate on the beaches of Santa Clara, California. David and his crew enjoy thrill-seeking activities that are reflective of their apparent youth as he draws Michael into his circle with the help of fellow vampire Star. Despite his bad boy appearance David is persuasive and likable as the leader of the group. The Lost Boys helped to usher a new wave of vampire films focusing on the youthful spirit of David, Star and his fellow vampires. Kiefer Sutherland would portray David in this film.

Jerry Dandridge- Fright Night (1985)

1985's Fright Night was a surprise hit that introduced Chris Sarandon as the charming next door neighbor who happens to be a vampire. Jerry is friendly and welcomed into the home of the Brewsters who unwittingly give him permission to enter their home. Soon after he is discovered by Charley Brewster to be a vampire and he gives the young man a choice to ignore him or face death. Jerry's handsome appearance allows him to bring women into his home for feeding, he also has the usual vampire traits of super strength, near immortality and the ability to shapeshift. Fright Night would be remade in 2011 with Colin Farrell portraying Jerry.

Eli- Let The Right One In (2008)

A child vampire of unknown age, Eli bonds with a lonely neighbor boy and they become close
friends. Her need for human blood is important as she cannot consume any other form of nourishment. She is also is bound by rules that require her to seek permission from her host to enter a home. Eli's bond with her friend is important as she will require someone to watch over her as she sleeps and to avoid being caught. Lina Leandersson portrays Eli in this Swedish film that would be remade with Chloe Grace Moretz playing a similar role.

Eric "Blade" Brooks- Blade (1998)

Called "Daywalker", Blade is a hybrid human and vampire, sharing the traits of vampires but lacking their weaknesses. Blade was born to a human mother who was attacked by a vampire which gave him his vampire abilities. He does seem to age like a human but at a slower rate, he also possesses superhuman strength, increased healing ability as well as stronger senses and most importantly, the ability to walk in the daylight. In his quest to rid the planet of vampires he does display a cold and emotionless personality that makes it difficult for him to make friends except for his mentor Abraham Whistler. His only weakness is his need to feed on blood, requiring him to seek treatments to avoid having to fall back to his vampire nature.

Selene- Underworld (2003)

Selene is a vampire warrior who has for over 600 years fought in a conflict between vampires and
werewolves. She is loyal to her vampire father and displays traits that are cold, stubborn and detached, as a warrior, she is fearless and dedicated to her role even if it puts her life in danger. As the main protagonist in the Underworld Series, Selene is shown to hide her emotions but has to face them as she encounters those who get close to her, even supposed enemies. Selene is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale and has appeared in the 5 movies of the Underworld Series.

Severen- Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark is a film directed by Kathryn Bigelow that is sort of a modern-day vampire western. Traveling with a coven of fellow vampires, Severen is an aggressive and sadistic vampire who enjoys killing for the thrill of it. His preferred weapon of choice is his boot spurs that he uses to good effect on his victims. Severen is portrayed by the late Bill Paxton and is the highlight of the film, appearing with fellow Aliens costars Lance Henrikson and Jenette Goldstein. Paxton takes the role of Severen and just goes to town by making him comical yet over the top ruthless. Near Dark is an underrated film but worth checking out if you enjoy Vampire films that break the mold.

Marie- Innocent Blood (1992)

As a modern-day vampire, Marie tends to feed off of criminals instead of innocent people
but makes the mistake of not killing her latest victim who happens to be a mob boss. Marie is portrayed by French actress Anne Parillaud who made an impact as the beautiful and sexy assassin in La Femme Nikita. Innocent Blood is another underrated vampire film that does not follow the usual formula as this movie blends elements of buddy cop and gangster movies with a fair bit of humor.

Santanico Pandemonium- From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) 

The Vampire Queen of the Mexican strip bar called the Titty Twister, Santanico is a sexy and
curvaceous woman with tanned skin and dark hair who is the star attraction. Born a Dhampir (human-vampire hybrid), Santanico was raised by her father but becomes a full vampire as an adult. She has the usual strengths of vampires to include enhanced strength as well as durability but is susceptible to sunlight and stakes in the heart. She has the ability to shapeshift from a sexy dancer to her true form as a scaled reptilian looking creature. Santanico is portrayed by the voluptuous Mexican actress Salma Hayek.

Honorable Mentions

Edward- Daybreakers (2010) 

Martin- Martin (1978)

Vampires- 30 Days of Night (2007)

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