Thursday, October 19, 2017

31 Days of Horror Lists by the Losman- Best Killer Doll Movies

For the month of October I will put out a list of Top 10’s on a number of subjects each day, this should be fun as I would enjoy feedback and discussion on my list and will welcome feedback on how to improve the list as I plan on featuring them on my website. 

The Best Killer Doll Movies

    Childs Play (1988)

    Brad Dourif has voiced the infamous killer doll since the first installment in 1987; there have been seven movies in total with most of the follow-up films using satire to make the films campier and less scary. 

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

This TV Anthology features Karen Black in three separate stories, the most famous being about a woman who receives an African Zuni Fetish Doll that she ends up having to battle when it comes alive and attacks her.

Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring was a huge hit and a pretty scary film, yet many felt the sub-story involving a creepy doll in a glass case was the better story. Annabelle would appear as the primary focus in follow-up films. Annabelle is inspired by a doll that is housed in the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

Puppet Master (1989)

The first of a series of direct to video movies that feature some killer dolls that were animated by an Egyptian spell.  There are a total of 13 films that have been released with one coming out in 2018.

Magic (1978)

Anthony Hopkins is a stage magician named Corky who finds success when he incorporates a ventriloquist doll in his act. The doll named Fats is foul-mouthed and seems to embody a dark side of his master. Corky finds that Fats is controlling his actions and may want him to commit acts of murder.

PIN (1988)

Growing up a brother and sister turned to an anatomical doll to ask questions that their physician father would answer in the doll's voice. Years later the doll has a stronger hold on the kids than they had hoped.

Robert (2015)

In this movie based on real events, a family begins to experience supernatural occurrences after the son is given a vintage doll named Robert. The real-life story of Robert would later inspire Child’s Play.

Dead Silence (2007)

A young man returns home after the death of his wife to seek clues that could help with her case. Once he arrives in his parents home, he learns that a ventriloquist doll may be linked to its previous owner.

The Boy (2016)

A nanny is hired by a family to care for their special needs child, his name is Brahms, and he is a porcelain doll. She is given a set of rules to follow, but after she breaks them, she learns that Brahms may not like her breaking the rules that are set. 

Dolls (1987)

Six people are stuck in the English countryside with a seemingly kindly old couple and their dolls. Only later do they find out that the couple is not that friendly and their dolls are possed by the spirits of criminals that answer for their crimes.