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31 Days of Horror Lists by the Losman- Best Monsters From Space

For the month of October I will put out a list of Top 10’s on a number of subjects each day, this should be fun as I would enjoy feedback and discussion on my list and will welcome feedback on how to improve the list as I plan on featuring them on my website. 

Best Monsters From Space

The Thing (The Thing 1981)

The mysterious shape-shifting creature that populates John Carpenter's The Thing is without a doubt one of the best movie monster ever put to screen. It can imitate any living creature including a human causing the members of the Antarctic Expedition to not trust each other. It wishes to survive and escape to infect new hosts and is patient enough to wait it out if necessary. 

Xenomorph (Alien 1979)

HR Giger designed the creature that would appear on many movies in various forms and sizes. The Alien creature was terrifying in so many ways with its stealthy ability to move, fearless nature and acidic blood that made it difficult to kill. Often imitated but never surpassed the Xenomorph would emerge as one of the most iconic movie monsters of the seventies.  

Yaujta (Predator 1987)

The alien hunter featured in the 1987 action film starring Arnold Swarchzenegger has emerged as one of the most popular aliens in recent decades. Fearless, Cunning and armed with high tech weapons and camouflage to mask itself from even the most skilled human hunter. In recent years it has been paired with the Alien Xenomorph in a series of films that pit humans, predators, and xenomorphs against one another.

Bugs (Starship Trooper 1997)

Coming in many sizes and forms the bugs in the 1997 sci-fi blockbuster are dangerous and more than a match for the forces of the Terran Federation. The bugs are hive-minded and swarm in huge numbers often overwhelming an enemy unless weapons of mass destruction are used. The sheer number of bugs and their ability to move planet to planet makes them one of the greatest threats to all humanity.

Blob (The Blob 1958 & 1988)

After arriving from a meteorite this gelatinous mass of goo increases in size when it comes into contact with organic matter. Once it touches you it immediately absorbs and digests you with little or no hope of escape or recovery. It is not known it if it sentient but it does sense its prey and can squeeze into an opening to allow it to enter any room or structure. Normal weaponry has no affect on it and the only weakness is freezing it. This does not kill the creature but instead, puts it into hibernation. 

Flying Hammerhead Creature (Pitch Black 2000)

These nocturnal flying creatures are only present when the planets multiple suns are eclipsed but the swarms of them are enough to decimate even the largest creatures. They have leathery skin and blue colored blood. They are blind but seem to sense movement and can smell blood. Ultraviolet light can kill them if exposed long enough but most light sources can ward them off. 

Slugs (Slither 2006)

A meteorite lands releasing a parasitic organism that infects a human host who then under its influence spreads itself onto another host who will incubate and spawns slug-like creatures. These slugs can then spread out to infect other humans who can be controlled by the original parasite.  

Gollums (Attack the Block 2011)

These creatures come in two sizes with the males being quite large and having a coat of hair so dark it does not reflect light. Their main feature is their bioluminescent fangs that they flash at their intended victims. They don't appear to have eyes or noses and have their own way of communicate that might involve shrieks or growls.

Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors 1986)

Audrey II is a carnivorous plant that is cared for by Seymour Krellborn, the plant feeds on blood and as it grows its hunger for blood grows as it forces Seymour to seek out food. Audrey 2 intends to take over the planet by spawning more version of itself with the goal of work domination.

Pod People (Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 & 1978)

An alien lifeform that has evolved the ability to assimilate plants or creatures as it seeks the dominant lifeform to assimilate and consume.  Once on Earth, they form into 2-meter pods capable of forming a cloned version of their intended target. The pods are dormant until the victim is asleep to make it easier to conquer. The cloned humans can't speak but will emit a high pitch shrill to signal others of humans who have not been taken over.

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