Thursday, May 5, 2022

Nightmare Sisters (1988)

Nightmare Sisters (1988)
Dir- David DeCoteau

Three dateless nerdy sorority sisters hold a seance with a crystal ball and are turned into sexually charged she-devils who prey upon three geeky frat brothers. Nightmare Sisters is a low-budget horror comedy directed by David DeCoteau and starring Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer. Released as a direct-to-video movie, Nightmare Sisters has become a cult favorite as it is one of only two movies featuring 80s horror scream queens Quigley, Stevens, and Bauer in the same movie. While it fell into obscurity after release, the success of the three actresses would make the film a sought-after gem due to the bathtub scene featuring all three actresses in the nude. A censored version was aired on USA Up All Night that replaced the bathtub scenes with the three ladies in lingerie jumping on a bed. Both versions of the movie are available on a Blu-Ray Vinegar Syndrome release. 

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