Thursday, September 3, 2020

French Extreme Cinema- 58 Days to Halloween

Irreversible (2002)
Gaspar Noe

The rape of a woman drives her boyfriend and former boyfriend on a mad quest to seek revenge on the person who assaulted her. The movie is known for its bizarre visuals and the graphic rape scene.

Carne (1991)
Gaspar Noe

A butcher mistakenly attacks a man he thought had assaulted his mute daughter and is imprisoned for the crime. Carne is an early short film by French director Gaspar Noe.

I Stand Alone (1998)
Gaspar Noe

A remake/sequel to Carne, a butcher, is released from prison after attacking a man he thought assaulted his daughter. Trying to start a new life, he finds that none of his choices work out; he then seeks out his institutionalized daughter.   

Enter The Void (2009)
Gaspar Noe

An experimental art film, Enter the Void follows a drug dealer who is killed by police only to find that he can watch over his sister and witness his life unfold through a series of out of body experiences. 

Martyrs (2008)
Pascal Laugier
A young woman seeks revenge on a mysterious group that kidnapped her friend but learns they have some genuinely sinister intentions for her. Martyrs is considered one of the best films of the New French Extreme Movement and one of the most disturbing and bleak movies ever made.

Climax (2018)
Gaspar Noe

A French dance troupe is celebrating after a rehearsal and becomes agitated after being drugged by sangria laced by LSD. What follows is a series of tragic events as the dancers indulge in drugs, sex, and violent activities.

Raw (2016)
Julia Ducournau
A vegetarian student is forced to eat an animal's kidney during a hazing ritual and discovers a desire for raw meat and soon engages in cannibalistic activities. 

High Tension (2003)
Alexandre Aja

A pair of college students travel to one of the girls' home only to find the family attacked and stalked by a murderous serial killer who follows them as they try to escape. 

Inside (2007)
Julien Maury, Alexandre Bustillo

A pregnant woman home alone during the Christmas holiday is stalked and pursued by a mysterious woman who intends to steal her unborn child. 

Them (2006)
Xavier Palud, David Moreau

A teacher and her partner staying in a remote mansion are awakened by hooded intruders that stalk the couple as they try to hide and seek help.

Revenge (2017)
Coralie Fargeat

A woman vacationing is raped by one of her boyfriend's buddies and abandoned in the desert to die. She survives and is determined to seek them out and get her revenge. 

Frontier(s) (2007)
Xavier Gens

A group of bank robbers escaping riots in the city stop at a remote inn on the French/German border but learn the family that owns the Inn may be Nazi's

Calvaire (2004)
Fabrice Du Welz

A singer traveling during the Christmas holidays encounters problems with his van, is picked up by a strange man, and taken to a nearby Inn. Once there, the Innkeeper takes a bizarre liking to him as the singer tries to find a way to escape.   

Intimacy (2001)
Patrice Chereau

A London bartender who left his family engages in casual sex with a woman whom he does not know by name. He follows her only to learn that their anonymous encounters are meant to hide her secrets. 

Trouble Every Day (2001)
Claire Denis

A scientist and his new wife honeymoon to Paris, France, while he searches for a colleague and his wife, obsessed with reasons that involve a dark secret his colleague is hiding. 

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