Monday, September 2, 2019

10 Great Found Footage/Pseudo Documentary Movies- 58 Days To Halloween

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998)
Minnesota Teen Tommy McPherson is recording his family's Thanksgiving dinner when they are interrupted by aliens. The attack on their home and abduction of his family make up the bulk of this movie. This pseudo-documentary was a remake of the 1989 film UFO Abduction, and when it was shown on UPN, it scared several viewers who thought it was an actual event.

As Above, So Below (2014)
Archeologist Scarlett Marlowe assembles a team and a guide to travel into the Paris catacombs to search for the legendary Philosopher's Stone. As they descend further below, they soon encounter events that will make them question reality and fear for their safety.

The Conspiracy (2012)
Two filmmakers select a local conspiracy theorist to be the subject of the film they are making. As they interview the man, he shows them newspaper clippings that he says link events like WW1 and 9/11 but suddenly disappears shortly after.  When they break into his home to look for answers, they find they are now the targets of some shadowy group intent on silencing them.

Creep (2014)
After answering a newspaper ad promising a large sum of money, a man named Aaron travels to a remote cabin where he meets Josef. Josef is a friendly guy who asks Aaron to video him as a gift to his child as he is dying, but Aaron learns that Josef may not be who he says he is.

Followed (2018)
A controversial vlogger takes his show to a reputed haunted hotel to boost his ratings after a sponsorship deal is offered. His agreement requires he gains thousands of new followers in a short period of time. He then has to sneak into the hotel as he is given some challenges that he is told will unlock more secrets. As he seeks more secrets, he finds that an evil presence is making it difficult for him and his team.

Noroi: The Curse (2005)
A documentary filmmaker named Kobayashi who focuses on the paranormal dies mysteriously along with his family. The subject of his last film is presented in this found footage movie as the film shows his Investigation into an ancient demon called Kagutaba. The events are revealed to Kobayashi's cameraman who witnesses the circumstances of his bosses disappearance.   

Occult (2009)
A documentary filmmaker investigates a series of murders that occurred in a vacation resort a few years prior. He interviews a survivor who presents a story that implies he was grateful for the attack. It has allowed him to witness a series of mysterious events that he claims are signs from God.

Rec 2 (2009)
After the events of REC, a SWAT team and medical officer are sent into the sealed off apartment building to take control of the situation and learn what happened to the news team that went in earlier. Once they enter, it is soon apparent that the medical officer has a hidden agenda.

The Tunnel (2011)
A reporter finds herself on the hot seat unless she can bring in a hot story. Her interest is piqued when she looks into a story involving the disappearance of homeless people and some underground water tunnel projects that were abandoned for unknown reasons. Her inquiries yield few answers, so she decides she will take a film crew into the tunnels and find out what the city is hiding. As they descend into the tunnels what they find will terrify and shock them as they discover what is hiding down below.

Troll Hunter (2010)
A group of students investigating poaching in the remote woods of Norway encounters a hunter who claims he hunts mythical creatures for the government. After tagging along with him, the students learn that he is telling the truth about his work.

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