Monday, September 10, 2018

51 Days to Halloween- 1968 Rosemary's Baby

Over the next 100 days, I will present one movie of significances in horror, suspense or thrillers for each year from 1919 to 2018. The next film presented here is the 1968 psychological thriller "Rosemary's Baby" starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Ralph Bellamy and directed by Rosemary's Baby.

Rosemary's Baby (1968)
Dir- Roman Polanski

What price is someone willing to pay for fame and glory in the film industry. Well, it seems that Guy is ready to give up the soul of his firstborn. A young and pre-Woody Mia Farrow plays a lovely homemaker who finds her hubby hanging around a spooky collection of people who are awaiting her baby's arrival. Rosemary does a little research and is shocked to discover that her child is wanted for a dark purpose. Gimmick filmmaker William Castle produced this film based on the novel by Ira Levin and directed by Roman Polanski. Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for her role as one of the coven members. A classic that predates the more gore infested Omen and Exorcist in the demonic possession genre.

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