Saturday, September 8, 2018

53 Days to Halloween- 1966 Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Over the next 100 days, I will present one movie of significances in horror, suspense or thrillers for each year from 1919 to 2018. The next film presented here is the 1966 Hammer horror movie "Dracula: Prince of Darkness" starring Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley, Andrew Keir, and directed by Terence Fisher

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)
Dir- Terence Fisher 

A priest warns some English travelers to stay away from the town of Karlsbad, despite the warning the four people travel to a castle where they meet a servant who advises them that his master awaits their presence. From there the couple's lives are at risk as the castle belongs to Dracula and he is in need of blood. The second Hammer film with Christopher Lee in the role of Count Dracula. The movie was filmed along with some other films that would be released as a double bill with Dracula in different markets. The movie was well received and Christopher Lee shows why he is the Dracula of the 1960's.

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