Friday, May 11, 2018

Stars aren't the only things that can fall from the sky

Imitation Girl (2017) 

Dir- Natasha Kermani

You don't often see too many sci-fi films directed and centered around women; Imitation Girl is an independent sci-fi drama that explores two separate yet interwoven narratives with both roles played by the delightful indie star Lauren Ashley Carter. The film opens with a mysterious black goo falling to earth and taking the form of a young porn actress named Julianna Fox from a magazine. The Imitation wanders the desert until she is found by a young Persian man who takes her in and helps her thinking she has memory problems. Meanwhile, in New York, the real Julianna is shown to be a troubled young actress who does not enjoy her work and longs for something more meaningful in her life. As Imitation learns to explore her body and the world around her as she bonds with her new friends Julianna is suffering a crisis as her destructive lifestyle is making her feel lost and hopeless. Often compared to Beneath the Skin, Imitation Girl shares more in common with the 1984 sci-fi classic Starman as it is more a drama and has no horror elements to it. Ms. Carter who has appeared in some recent indie horror films is outstanding in both roles that are very different despite their outward appearance. Director Natasha Kermani skillfully blends both characters with Ms. Carter doing a fantastic job making the viewer feel like we are watching two different actresses. Unlike most Sci-Fi films you won't get a lot of high tech special effects or an action drive plot. Instead, you have a thoughtful study on the human condition with the alien finding what it means to be a woman by helping her host find true fulfillment in her life.

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