Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Don't Let a Bro See it Alone

Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)

Dir- Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, and Jon Salmon
With so many slasher movies dominating the 1980's it is a wonder that we have not seen more slasher spoofs outside of the Scary Movie franchise that capitalized on the success of the 1990's Scream franchise. Playing off the gimmick of an imaginary horror franchise, the comedy troupe 5 Second Films created this horror spoof that pulls a gender swap on the usual girls in distress trope often found in slasher films. A group of frat brothers survives not one, but two massacres by a series of serial killers going by the name Motherface who seeks revenge on the Delta Bi frat for a prank that ended with some dead sorority girls. This time around the twin brother of the previous sprees dead hero joins the frat to seek out the killer. The guys take a trip to the abandoned house of a sorority to find they are yet again being stalked by the pesky Motherface. The movie is deliberately bad and utilizes many of the cliches that populated 80's horror films and amps the blood and gore to almost cartoon levels. The video is put together like a lost videotape that was recently found and includes some made up commercials that are a specialty of the comedy troupe Five Second Films. The film was crowdsourced and features some cameos that include Patton Oswalt, Greg Sestero, and Nina Hartley. Dude Bro Party Massacre III is an insane film filled with absurd dialogue, cheesy yet practical special effects and enough creative touches to make it an instant cult hit. Going into this film with low expectations will only enhance the experience as this will no doubt be one of the most stupid and dumbest movies you will genuinely enjoy watching if you are a fan of slasher films and 80's horror films.

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