Monday, March 12, 2018

You need to tame the beast before unleashing it

Cat People (1982)

Dir- Paul Schrader
Irina travels to the United States to meet with her estranged brother; both are orphans whose parents killed themselves many years before. She has always been comfortable around animals, and displays reflex more animal than human. She is soon told by her brother the dark secret that runs in their family and the dangers of having sexual intercourse with others. German actress Nastassja Kinski portrays Irena Gallier with repressed sexiness that shows her fear of intimacy along with the desire to open up with her potential lover. More erotic than horror, Cat People is a loose remake of the 1942 film that starred French actress Simone Simon. The film has an excellent score by Giorgio Moroder as well as a great theme song by the late David Bowie. The rest of the cast includes John Head, Malcolm McDowell, Annette O'Toole and Ed Begley, Jr. Cat People appealed to me as a teen because of the nudity and eroticism yet after watching again it is still enjoyable due to Ms. Kinki's performance that makes you just want to watch her again and again. The film had mixed reviews when it was released but has a respectable 65% Rotten Tomatoes score that shows it has aged well. 

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