Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Blood Sucking Freaks (1977)- Joe Bob's Last Drive-In

Blood Sucking Freaks -(1977)
Dir- Joel M Reed

There are those films that are so outrageous that they are considered camp, yet this is not one of them. Also known as The Incredible Torture Show, this title seems more appropriate for this sick film. The setting for this movie is an off-off-Broadway Grand Guignol style show. The wicked magician Sardu shocks people with his realistic torture scenes that are not only genuine but also live in front of an audience. The theater is a cover for his group of sadists who enjoy kidnapping and torturing young naked women. Behind the scenes, his assistant Ralphus keeps some caged women cannibals for their evil deeds. Sardu also enjoys using these women as human dartboards and urinals. Whether it is meant as a joke is debatable as these scenes are shown with a sick tone and the events are taken for granted, talk about pure exploitation. The real trick is that the special effects are some of the worst on-screen; the blood looks like red paint, and a decapitation scene was laughably bad. The scenes of torture and dismemberment are so fake a nine-year-old could do better. Either way, Blood Sucking Freaks is a sad attempt to attain camp status, and since the movie was made with a small budget, it shows. Try sitting through this one more than once.

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