Saturday, July 27, 2019

Creepy and Mysterious Servants in Horror- 96 Days to Halloween

Burnt Offerings (Chauffer Driver)
The Amityville Horror has overshadowed this haunted house thriller from 1970.  It still remains a creepy movie thanks in part to the mysterious chauffeur who does nothing more but gives you a creepy smile behind his dark-tinted sunglasses.

Flowers in the Attic (Butler)
This movie based on the shocking VC Andrews novel has four children being kept hidden in the attic as their recently widowed mother tries to mend bridges with her estranged family. Besides their mother and grandmother, the children encounter a cold and uncaring butler named John, who carries out the wishes of his madam without question. 

The Omen (Nanny Mrs. Blaylock)
Damien Thorn is one of the best horror villains, and being a child makes him all the more menacing. Early in the film, his Nanny hangs herself in front of a birthday party crowd only to be replaced by the mysterious and unannounced Mrs. Blaylock who is well aware Damien's destiny and willing to kill anyone who gets in her way.

House on Haunted Hill (Mr. and Mrs. Slydes Caretakers)
Millionaire Fredrick Loren has rented a large house and is offering money to those who survive the night. Mr. and Mrs. Styles are the caretakers of the house, and Mrs. Slydes gives one of the guests a genuine scare as she not only surprises her but slides by her.

I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House (Live in Nurse)
Working as a live-in nurse, Lily Saylor learns that the novel written by her patient may not be as fictitious as she claims. The secrets of the home begin to cause conflict as Lily learns her fate may be a part of the house

The Others (Servants)
One of the best ghosts stories of the past 20 years, The Others presents an excellent tale of a mother caring for her kids with a trio of servants who are hiding some secrets from her. Time will reveal the nature of the haunting in her home.

The Shining (Lloyd the Bartender)
Hired on as a winter caretaker Jack Torrance has his family join him in the massive Colorado hotel, once there his sanity is challenged. He seems to find some answers from a mysterious bartender named Llyod who serves him drinks

Get Out (Walter the Gardner and Georgina the maid) 
When Chris Washington visits his girlfriends family home, they are quite welcoming, but he soon encounters Walter and Georgina, the married couple who are the gardener and maid. They come across as friendly and helpful, but Chris notices their behavior is odd 

Monkeyshines (Helper Monkey)
After an accident renders Allan Mann, a quadriplegic his friend offers him a capuchin monkey that experimented on in his lab. At first, the monkey named Ella is helpful, but the experiments have given Ella abilities that make her dangerous as she can channel her master's emotions and desire to seek revenge

Estranged (Servants)
After surviving an accident that has temporality crippled her and left her with memory loss, a young woman is sent home to her parents. She is surprised to learn that she comes from wealth but does not remember much. The exact nature of her relationship with her family is unknown as secrets come out, and the servants tell more.

The Guardian (Tree tending Nanny)
A family in need of a nanny hire a seemingly perfect woman named Camilla. Little does the family realize that Camilla has an eye for the child as she is the caretaker on an old tree that needs fresh bodies to keep alive

I am Mother (Robot Nanny)
In this dystopian sci-fi thriller, a seemingly benevolent robot nanny raises a young woman from infancy to her teen years. One day a stranger is let in, and she reacts with hostility to the robot nanny. What is the secret the Nanny is not telling her

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