Sunday, July 7, 2019

10 Great Horror Films of 2019 So Far

The Perfection
A former cellist prodigy struggles with anxiety and jealousy when she meets a younger cellist who enjoys the success she missed out on when invited by her former benefactors to welcome a new student in the conservatory she trained in 

Happy Death Day 2U
Tree finds herself and her friend caught in the same time loop, but this time she finds out why it is happening and must put a stop to it when she fears that she may be running out of lives.

Annabelle Comes Home
While babysitting the daughter of the Warrens, the Annabelle doll is mistakenly released from her glass case and causes havoc in the home as the three young ladies fight to survive

The Golem
After a deadly plague outbreak leaves a Jewish community threatened by hostile neighbors a woman uses the Kabbalah to summon a savior for their village, but the greater danger may come from her creation.

The Hole in the Ground
After her son disappears, a young mother finds a mysterious crater as well as her son but begins to suspect that he may not be her son after he displays behaviors that disturb her.

The Nightshifter
A morgue technician who can talk to the dead finds his family may at risk when he learns some secrets from a deceased acquaintance.

A young woman facing grief after the death of a close friend learns that a series of tapes made by her friend offer clues to survival when mysterious creatures invade the planet

A 15th-century woman isolated from her community feels a dark presence surrounding her home after her mother dies from the plague and arousing suspicion from her neighbors after she has a child of her own

A post-rehearsal cast party for a troupe of dancers turns into a drug-induced nightmare of decadent behavior and self-mutilation when they drink sangria laced with an LSD like drug.

Jordan Peele's sophomore entry into horror has a family encountering mysterious doppelgangers that threaten them while they are staying in a vacation home.

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  1. I was surprised by "The Perfection" - tight, twisted and fun - got to catch up on some others here...loved so much of "Climax" but struggled with some of it as well...but any Noe is better than none!