Sunday, February 25, 2018

Playing with Ouija Boards never ends well

Veronica (2017) 

Dir- Paco Plaza
Sunday, June 15, 1991- Madrid Police respond to an emergency call after midnight after receiving a distressing call from a frantic young girl. What the policemen find in the apartment stops them in their tracks and makes them visibly distressed. The movie then flashes back to show a teenager named Veronica "Vero" and her three younger siblings getting ready for school as their widowed mother sleeps in after working late. The school day is interrupted by a solar eclipse where Vero and two other friends hold a seance with an Ouija board as the sun is eclipsed by the moon. What happens during the seance sets in motion a series of disturbing and terrifying events that force Vero to seek answers as she tries to fight off the evil forces that target her and her siblings. Spanish director Paco Plaza made an impact as half of the team that brought us the 2007 horror movie classic REC and two of its sequels. This film is a more conventional horror film in the style of The Conjuring and does not rely on found footage. Instead, we see a paranormal film that plays into the standard possession tropes that involve Quija board, Catholic teachings and misguided kids playing games they shouldn't. Sandra Escacena plays older sister Vero convincingly and has genuine chemistry with the three young actors who play her siblings; you feel they are related and not merely actors. The film is in Spanish, but the subtitles do give non-speakers enough to follow the film and not lose out on any of the dialogue. A well made foreign horror film that should be included in any horror fans watch list.

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