Monday, November 19, 2018

Her identity was stolen, yet the thief is someone all too familiar

Cam (2018)
Dir- Daniel Goldhaber

The perils of the internet and new media are the subjects of this 2018 horror film by first time director Daniel Goldhaber. Madeline Brewer stars as Alice who works as a camgirl under the alias Lola. When introduced we see her performing in front of a webcam and hosting a broadcast where she interacts with fans who reward her for her performance. It is shown that her attempt to reach higher levels are being thwarted by a rival so she knows she has to get creative and do something more risque. After she participates in a show with another camgirl she finds her account has been hacked and she is no longer able to access her profile. Alice is then shocked to discover that someone who looks like herself is performing on her webcast as Lola and pushing the limits beyond her own comfort level. What happens after will test her resolve as she faces the consequences and aftermath of her doubles actions. Cam was written by Isa Mazzei who worked as a camgirl and used her experience to create the role of Alice and Lola. In this role you see the life of a sex worker as most would never expect, its a job and one that requires planning, preparation and most importantly the desire to share intimacy with strangers who share no physical contact with her. Cam is a feminist horror film with a protagonist who knows her family will not approve of what she does but it gives her the freedom to own a home, live her life as she chooses and when that freedom is threatened she will fight back to regain her identity even if its made up. Cam is unlike most other horror films being released as it does incorporate the all too real-life risks and dangers that social media can bring about while telling a compelling story of a woman who fights back to protect herself. As a male viewer, I was reminded of how women are often objectified and victimized even by those who are sworn to protect them, and how we all must open our eyes to understand how our lack of awareness often makes it tougher for women to feel safe or treated equally.  In this respect, the movie Cam is one of the more important films of our age and will reach out to all viewers of all genders.

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