Saturday, March 11, 2017

High Tension (2003)

A trip home for a young woman and her friend turns into a horrific journey for survival as they are stalked by a deranged serial killer who leaves a trail of bloody corpses in the French countryside. Alex and Marie are college students taking a break at the remote farmhouse home where Marie's family lives. The family's quiet evening is interrupted by a mysterious stranger who wrecks havoc on the occupants as Marie is kidnapped with Alex hiding along to protect her from the deranged manic.  The events that will follow will make you wonder who is behind the crime and if anyone will survive the horrific evening. High Tension was released in the United States with edits made to avoid an NC-17. The film is still pretty violent despite the cuts, but unedited copies of the movie can be found easily on DVD. Directed by Alexandre Aja, High Tension would stand out for its extreme violence and emerge as one of many French films featuring such intense direction to include Frontiers, Martyrs, and Inside.

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