Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nature Fights Back 1970s Edition- 93 Days to Halloween

Frogs (1972)
Killer Fogs and other critters

Night of the Lepus (1972)
Not the Bunnies

Killer Bees (1974)

Phase IV (1974)
Intelligent Ants

Grizzly (1976)
He was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear

The Food of the Gods (1976)
Giant rodents and insects attack

A*P*E (1976)
Korean Kong Ripoff

Squirm (1976)
Earthworms gone wild

King Kong (1976)
A tale about a girl and her giant ape

Day of the Animals (1977)
Hole in the ozone drives animals crazy

Empire of the Ants (1977)
Joan Collins vs Giant Ants

The  Pack (1977)
Joe Don Baker takes on some bad dogs

Ants (1977)
Suzanne Somers and some killer ants

Barracuda (1978)
Angry fish and locals losing their cool

The Swarm (1978)
Killer Bees are all the rage

Long Weekend (1978)
Always respect Mother Nature

The Bees (1978)
Bees are no match for John Saxon

Prophecy (1979)
Mutations and bare naked bears

Nightwing (1979)
It's like Jaws, but with Bats 

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