Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Radio DJ's in Horror Movies

Here is a collection of notable DJ's featured in horror films over the past 50 years.  

Lords of Salem- Heidi La Rock/Adelaide Hawthorne

Sheri Moon Zombie stars as Heidi, a recovering drug addict who co-hosts a radio show with two other DJ's. Trouble begins when she receives an album from a band called The Lords that when played has a bizarre effect on women that leads her to look into the history of Salem and the witch hunts that occurred. 

The Pontypool- Grant Mazzy

Small town shock jock Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) reports on a series of events that are occurring while he is doing his evening show. Amid the confusing reports from outside reporters, it appears that a virus outbreak is occurring but how its spread and the effects of the illness are shown in real time as Grant and his coworkers try to figure out what's going on and how to survive. 

The Fog- Stevie Wayne

Screen horror legend Adrienne Barbeau portrays Stevie Wayne, the DJ of a small coastal town that is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding. That evening a mysterious fog comes into town, and a series of murders occur that Stevie and other locals find out is a part of a dark secret involving the town's forefathers.

Play Misty For Me- Dave Garver

Clint Eastwood stars as DJ Dave Garver who meets a woman who is a massive fan of his, and after a brief affair he breaks it off when she shows obsessive behavior. Not too keen on rejection, she becomes murderous as she pursues him and his new girlfriend. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II- Stretch

Texas-born Screen Queen Caroline Williams appears as Radio DJ Vanita Brock aka Stretch who during a broadcast before the big Texas/OU football takes a call from a pair of rowdy fans who are then killed by Leatherface and company. Afterward, she is kidnapped and held by the Sawyer family while a Texas sheriff named Lefty attempts to rescue Stretch and take down the cannibal clan.

A Christmas Horror Story- Dangerous Dan

William Shatner plays DJ Dangerous Dan in this 2015 Christmas themed horror anthology, Dangerous Dan acts as a bridge between the four-story segments as he plays music and reports on a disturbance at the local mall. As the movie progresses, the stories will all tie together as DJ Dan continues to play music and learn more about the events in the mall. 

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