Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Full Scream Ahead

Deep Rising (1998)

Dir- Stephen Sommers
The late nineties was a time of creature features, and Deep Rising was one of the best of the bunch. A group of armed mercenaries set out to hijack a luxury cruise liner on the high seas instead find an abandoned ship save for a few survivors who are terrified of something. They are then stalked by a savage seaborne tentacled creature that is an FX extravaganza of what is great and bad about CGI in action movies. Deep Rising was one of many creature features that emerged in the late nineties along with Lake Placid, Anaconda, and Mimic.  Deep Rising is one of those movies you go into with no expectations and find it to be surprisingly entertaining, it has a great cast, occasional humor and it never takes itself too seriously given how silly the plot is.  This is a B Movie with Grade A special effects and recognizable actors in a film that is more fun than you would expect it to be. In many ways, this film is an Aliens knockoff with male and female roles that are well written and fun to watch.  In the twenty years since its release, the special effects may seem dated, but the movie is still fun to watch and is recommended if you are a fan of 1950's creature features.

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