Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Alien Clone Part III

Inseminoid (1981)
Dir- Norman J Warren

A colony of scientists is on an unknown planet excavating the ruins of an ancient civilization when one of their female members is attacked and raped by an alien creature. She then wreaks havoc on the station and crew as she murders her colleagues to protect the unborn alien hybrids she carries. Released in 1981, Inseminoid was one of the first movies to capitalize on the success of Alien despite claims that it was not influenced by the 1979 classic sci-fi thriller. Of the many films that were made in the years since Alien, Inseminoid aka Horror Planet in the United States was one of the few I did not rewatch. I did not recall much of the film except for the sleazy rape scene and goofy looking space suits. Watching it again reaffirmed that this movie is boring and made up largely of people running around and screaming at a pregnant woman who suddenly becomes homicidal. Unlike the cult classics Galaxy of Terror and Creature, Inseminoid would not get the numerous releases on DVD and Blu-Ray and remains somewhat obscure to most horror movie hounds save for fans of Alien knockoffs.

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