Sunday, June 16, 2019

15 Bad Fathers for Father's Day

Here is a collection of fathers and father figures who you certainly don't want to have to call daddy.

Father (The People Under the Stairs)

A good mother and father believe that discipline is the best way to raise a child, yet what if the parents are complete whack jobs with a habit for kidnapping, murder, and a few other vices.

Jerry Blake/Henry Morrison/Bill Hodgkins (The Stepfather)

After walking out of the home of his freshly murdered wife, Henry Morrison changes his name and identity to seek out a new lonely widow to make his next victim. His latest stepdaughter Stephanie is at first skeptical but warms to him not realizing that he genuinely is dangerous.

Chris Cleek (The Woman)

This family man and an attorney is the model of the perfect husband and father, and he will even help a wayward soul out who needs civilizing. Just ask this wife and daughter.

Dad Meiks (Frailty)

This father is on a mission from God to find and kill demons that are hiding in plain sight. The trouble is one of his sons may not be fully on board with his father's mission from God.

Rev Harry Powell (Night of the Hunter)

Reverand Powell is a serial killer who learns of a widow who has a fortune and decides to marry her to determine the location of the money. The secret of the fortune resides in the doll of his stepdaughter and he is willing to kill to get it.

Papa Jupiter (The Hills Have Eyes)

Papa Jupiter leads his family of mutated adult children as they kidnap and murder people who wander into their desert domain.

von Geisler (Frontiers)

Herr von Geisler seeks the perfect guests in his family Inn to help keep his family traditions alive, those who fail to live up to his standards find a fate worse than death awaits.  

Jack Torrance (The Shining)

Being isolated in a remote hotel can be a tough experience, especially if your sanity is in question. It also does not help that the previous caretaker went nuts, but I'm sure All Work and No Play Will Make Jack a Dull Boy.

Daddy Stone (The Loved Ones)

This father is willing to do anything to please his little girl even if it means kidnapping, hot water lobotomies and giving his daughter the best pink princess prom ever.

Don (28 Weeks Later)

During the Rage outbreak, Don does what he thinks is best to survive despite leaving out his wife and children's safety from his plan. His desire to seek forgiveness will only make things worse

Nathan Grantham (Creep Show)

Nathan Grantham built a fortune through dirty business practices and enjoyed making his spinster daughter suffer from his emotional abuse. She will learn that even in death, he wants his cake.

Doctor Genessire (Eyes Without a Face)

After his daughter had her face disfigured in an auto accident, a respected plastic surgeon uses his skills to help his daughter get a new face even if it takes a few murders to get the right face.

Frank Parker (We Are What We Are)

Family traditions are essential to every family, but in this family, the annual feast requires a special forbidden ingredient. Some traditions can be quite a mouthful.

Father (Dogtooth)

A parent has a strong desire to protect their kids from the outside world, yet this family keeps their three adult children ignorant of the world outside the walls of their private home.

Louis Creed (Pet Sematary)

Another father who must handle a problematic family moment until he finds a way to fix the mess. This solution is not as simple as he hopes and he will find that maybe it's best to leave the dead buried.

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